Join the SCAD Family

SCAD welcomes volunteers from all ages, backgrounds, fully fit or disabled, for long periods or short. We have a range of volunteer opportunities for people, so please browse through these and get in touch if you think one of them might be for you.

Volunteering for SCAD can be very rewarding. Many of our volunteers are also members, using the opportunities that we can offer them to get out and about and meet people on a regular basis. Many volunteers work to ‘give something back’ to the community whilst others do so to gain new skills which can help them into or back into work.  We are happy to spend time giving experience to people to help get into work – six months’ volunteering can earn a reference for a job. And many of our staff were once volunteers themselves!

Volunteer Opportunities

Shop Assistant

Stock Preparation

Passenger Assistant

Minibus Driver

Boat Crew


Volunteer Car Driver ( Freedom wheels )