Enabled Craven


The Craven Disability Forum is a group of disabled people within Craven who meet on a regular basis and who, as a group, are working to make Craven a better place for those with disabilities, whether they live here or are visiting. Members are undertaking an audit of retail properties in Skipton itself and with a grant from North Yorkshire County Council, this work (the Accessible Skipton Project) has been been loaded onto this web site in an accessible way.

A pdf version of the information is available at the following link The Survey of the Retail Outlets in Skipton with Reference to Disabled Accessibilty

Neither SCAD nor the Forum are experts in disabled access, so what is presented here is the access as it is seen by people with physical or mental impairments. Any retailer whose business is featured here is welcome to comment on or amend the entry by contacting SCAD at info@scad.org.uk

Many of the images show here are provided courtesy of Google Maps. In some circumstances the images may not be up to date, shops change hands quite quickly over time.  Access to an individual property is unlikely to change dramatically with a new owner.

The main streets of Skipton have been divided into areas with links below.